About Us


As we focus on developing innovative and effective dietary supplements RELEVA is established with new standards of quality.
The devotion to higher integrity and highest quality reflects our values.

At RELEVA, we are interested to provide our consumers with superior quality supplements for a better and healthier life.

We always keep an eye on the latest updates of the dietary supplement market needs. Our goal is to be the lead company for manufacturing the products which cover such parts of the market needs.

Our products are expertly designed, formulated, and manufactured to add health value to our consumers.


Our vision is to become a global dietary supplement company through innovation, quality and competence and to be a significant global player by providing innovative supplements with high quality and affordable price to all consumers.


Releva R&D team works every day to improve people’s lifestyle globally by providing them with highly effective dietary supplements which exceeds their expectations. We believe that proactive nutrition keeps you at your best; the philosophy of RELEVA is to develop innovative dietary supplements through innovation, scientific research, and honest ethical business practice to fit your lifestyle needs at every stage.


Our commitment to your good health lies at the core of every product we create and is backed by decades of scientific research and high-quality ingredients. At RELEVA, we create thoughtfully designed products to fit your lifestyle needs at every stage.